Building Binge-ARs

We help films and TV Shows grow their fan base

by making augmented reality apps for them on our platform.

Let us Help Your show

For shows that want an AR app...

We work with your creative team to find markers in your show that we can bring to life through augmented reality (AR). We help you engage with your fans in innovative ways that keep them coming back for more (views, seasons, sequels).

For shows that want engaged fans ...

Lets work together to immerse your fans in the world you have created by showing them behind the scenes looks, what you were thinking when you made the show, or just bring them more details than you could fit into your script all via AR.

For your fans that love games ...

Lets bring them on an adventure together where through watching the show they can play a game on their smart phone interacting with your characters, props, and even your advertisers in fun and exciting AR ways!

Who we are...


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Our Team

Developers & Support Staff

Little Cupid Show ...

One great example is the Little Cupid Show app that is the companion app for the Little Cupid series by Gemelli Films that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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South Africa

We have a team of mobile app experts based out of South Africa to build apps for you.


We also have a team of mobile app experts based out of the Ukraine to build apps.


We have a research and customer service team based out of India to support us.